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Decorating Your New Home on a Budget

September 5, 2012

Custom Wallpaper Dining Room Wallpaper

Decorating your new home is so fun and exciting and it really helps make the new house into your home. Adding your personal touch doesn’t have to cost a fortune however. Here are some tips for decorating your new space on a budget.

Smart Shopping

You can still enjoy shopping at all your favorite retail stores, but start by going through the clearance home decor areas first. Even high end stores like Nordstrom, Neimann Marcus and Saks have clearance sections as well as outlet stores- and you will get your best bargains here.

Shop at close out stores that buy from major retailers and offer deep discounts like TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshalls.

As for major retailers like Macy’s, take advantage of their end of the season sales. This is the time when you can score luxury bedding items, appliances, and other housewares for as much as 80% off retail price. Also sign up for email notifications and take advantage of printable coupons.

Go Back in Time

The old saying Everything Old is New Again applies perfectly to decorating your new space on a budget. Shop locally for great old fashioned furniture and vintage pieces at estate sales, yard sales, on your local Craigslist, and Local Pick Up items in your zip code area on eBay.

Reclaiming and refurbishing your vintage furniture finds is a nice way to go green as well as putting a modern twist on something from a bygone era. for example, weathering an old thrift store chest of drawers in a fun bright color and adding new pulls saves you big bucks and infuses old with new in a delightful way.

Using Focal Points
family room mural
Prevent design clutter and overdoing a room by designing your rooms around a focal point or one stand-alone knockout piece of home decor. Maybe you picked up a fabulous gilded full length mirror, or scored a great dangly crystal chandelier. Or maybe you want to go for a black and white wall mural of a city skyline. Whatever your splurge item is, you can design and detail the rest of the room around it.

Using a focal point in this way is a great way to showcase your stand alone decor piece and it saves money by keeping the rest of the room designed to a minimum. It also keeps the energy of the room light and adds a fresh, contemporary feel- perfect for a new space.

Free Inspiration

If hiring an interior designer is out of your budget, here is a fun and free alternative. Check out the free site Pinterest for home decorating inspiration. Here is where professional home staggers, interior designers, bloggers, and home artisans alike showcase their best room designs (via “pins”) for all the world to see.

Find examples of great design and when something catches your eye, save it to your own board. Now you have great decorating ideas at your fingertips that you can mimic in your own home.

Get Going!

Decorating your new home on a budget is fun and exciting. It feels wonderful to create a space that truly reflects your personality while saving money at the same time. Use these tips to get you started and have fun!

Lisa Marie is the author of this guest post. If your new decorating plans include a one of a kind custom mural be sure and check out her wall murals website –