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Top 5 Most Economical Heating Systems for Your Home

May 8, 2012

When getting a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system it is important to make sure it is efficient. Try buying a system that is energy efficient and is approved by the appropriate authority. Simple alterations like changing the thermostat or sealing air ducts can improve your existing heating system. Here are the five most economical heating systems.

Wood and Pallet Burning

Wood has been used as a heating instrument since the discovery of fire. Nowadays, instead of burning logs of wood, small pellets made from saw dust, wood chips, agricultural crop waste, and other such materials are used more often. Wood and pellet burning appliances come in different sizes and can be large enough to heat up a 2000 square feet home.

Furnaces and Boilers

Furnaces and boilers are used more commonly in America. Furnaces heat air, while boilers heat water. Both provide air or steam through ducts or pipes. These are more suited for central heating purposes. You can control the heat of individual rooms by placing a thermostat in each room. If there is a furnace already installed, check the air filter every few months and get it changed if need be.

Solar Heating

Solar heating systems work on either air or water. Air is heated in an air collector where as water is heated in an anti freeze solution on a hydronic collector. The heat is distributed to the interior space or storage system once the solar radiation has been absorbed. Though it is the most environment friendly and cost effective heating method, it is limited to areas where the sun shines throughout the year.

Radiant Heating

In this heating system, heat is provided directly to the ceiling, floor or wall panels. This helps in keeping the room or house warm instead of making the air warm. It is most suitable for people with allergies. Radiant floor heating is very different from wall and ceiling heating.

Floor heating can be hydronic, electric or air-heated. It is best to use ceramic floor tiles because they allow the heat to come through without making the floor heat up. Wall and ceiling heating is usually electric. Some people however use hot water tubes, but leakage of these tubes is a major issue.

Portable Heaters

Portable heaters come in different sizes and are suitable for single rooms. Generally portable heaters are used when installing a new heating unit is costly, or the existing one is not providing adequate heat. Usually portable combustion heaters are vented or unvented. It is best to use vented heaters indoors.Unvented heaters can produce unwanted combustion products like carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. Electric space heaters are the only safe unvented heaters available for use.

Allan has been reviewing heating system and heaters at OO and has published numerous blog posts on how to save energy is the house. Aside from blogging, Allan has a strong interest in sustainability and environment issues.