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Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

April 4, 2012 · Print This Article

When decorating a room you have to consider the inherent function of the space. A living room tends to be a social area, and as such you want to decorate in a way that will support the interaction and connection of various people. Unfortunately, in a small living room you don’t have a lot of space to work with, which means that you have to use clever tricks to maximize what you do have.

First of all you want to remove all clutter from the area. Clutter and chaos are the worst enemies of small space decorating. Having too many items in the room will make it feel even more cramped and crowded, and will create an uncomfortable atmosphere. Rather you should strive to create a living room that is clean, sharp, and relatively open, so that you do not overwhelm what space you have.

You should generally try to avoid larger furnishings in a small living room. These can end up feeling imposing, crowding the area out, and making what space you have seem smaller by contrast. Instead of large couches and love seats consider smaller single chairs or even bean bag novelty seating. Avoid large wall units in favor of smaller tables and stands. Scale the furnishings to the room so that everything looks congruent and consistent.

One of the most important ways to combat cramped feelings is to ensure that the flow of the room remains open. That means that you want easy pathways through the space, allowing people to enter and move about with ease. In small living rooms this may require giving up the convenience of coffee tables, or force you to have less seating in the space than you might like. Side tables can be one space saving surface idea, and folding chairs can be stored in a closet in case your lack of seating ever becomes a problem.

While floor space is at a premium in a tiny living room, the walls are generally free and open. You can use them as a canvas across which you can work your decorative ministrations. You still have to be careful not to clutter the room, but at least here you can add touches of personality and beauty to the space without having to worry about impacting on the function. Art, decorative pieces, murals, portraits, and even walls clocks are interesting wall décor choices depending on the style you are trying to achieve.

One of the oldest tricks in the small space decorating book is the use of mirrors. Placing mirrors in a room will automatically create the illusion of doubling the area, opening it up visually without affecting the actual floor plan. Mirrors can also serve to spread light throughout the area, which will further add to the illusion of greater space.

Texture is another important element that you can control in a small living room to good effect. Generally you want to stay away from soft and yielding. Carpet, pillows, and thick lush curtains can all make a room feel cozy, but they will also tend to make the space feel as if it is closing in. Smooth cool surfaces and hard materials on the other hand will give the room a sharp sleek feel that will open it up.

Once you have understood the functional necessities of the living room, you can arrange your furnishings and décor in such a way that you can mitigate the lack of space. Make use of walls, scale down furniture pieces, and use light and mirrors to open up the room, and make it feel free flowing and comfortable.


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