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Decorative Techniques With Feathers for Your Home

December 10, 2010 · Print This Article

Using natural elements as decorative accessories is a wonderful way to bring the beauty of nature into your living room. One light, airy, even aerial way to do this is with feathers. Decorative feathers throughout the home can add texture, dimension, and color to a space. They also automatically make our minds think of taking flight, soaring through the air, free as a bird, naturally making a space feel more open.

Different sized feathers are going to give you very different decorative options. Most feathers you find locally are going to be quite small, allowing you to make only the most simple of display pieces. Others which you can purchase include stout fluffy ostrich feathers, large multicolored peacock plumes, or long slender pheasant feathers.

One popular thing to do with feathers is to glue them to everyday household objects in order to give them a little decorative energy. If you have glass items, such as decorative glass vases, bowels, or other containers, you have the option of gluing the feathers on either the inside or the outside of the piece.

Even if it’s a bit difficult to actually glue the feathers to the inside of a glass piece, you always have the option of simply slipping one or two in, letting their feathery touch grace the sloping side of the glass piece.

Another option is to glue tiny feathers around the border of a picture frame, or a mirror. You can also use them to decorate the outside of bowls, jewelry boxes, or other containers. Some brave decorators have even taken up craft projects where they coat an entire side table in small colorful feathery fluff.

Feathers are also very popular as stand alone applications, or when used in conjunction with other elements to create a display. One way to do this is to display a variety of feathers in a decorative vase, bowel, or other container.

These can take the place of flowers, lasting longer, and often being just as bright, colorful, and textually present.

Many people use various natural elements in table centerpieces. Pulling from twigs and leaves, branches and boughs, they create a cobbled centerpiece that glorifies the nature of the outside world. Feathers can easily be incorporated into this, adding color and hue throughout the piece.

Some people like to use feathers that they find in the area around their homes. This allows you to create a decorative piece which is intricately tied into the nature of your home, reflecting the living environment around you. However you have to be careful. Feathers can sometimes carry mites, or other small bugs and bacteria that can be harmful if brought into the home. Any feathers found lying open in the environment should be treated with a UV ray to eliminate bacteria, and or soaked in boiling water.

You can also simulate the colors and patterns found in particular feathers in the hues used throughout the room. Home furnishings, wallpaper, throws, cushions, and tapestries can all be purchased to match the color of your feathered centerpieces, allowing you to extrapolate the beauty and nature of your feathers throughout the environment.


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