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Creative Ways to Enhance Your Windows

October 21, 2010 · Print This Article

Windows are important because they are the connection between your homes interior, and the world outdoors. They let in the sun, they let in the breeze, and they let in the visual beauty of nature and life. The way you decorate them will influence how these elements affect the entire room. Curtains are important and luckily, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to make them look great. You just have to use a little creativity and keep your mind open to the decorative possibilities that your windows present.

A curtain can technically be made from any square piece of hemmed fabric. An old sarong can also be used as an alternative. Simply attach curtain clips to the material, and then hang it from the shower rod.

Alternatively you can purchase inexpensive tab-headed curtains made from a variety of materials including voile, muslin, or fine cotton. These simple curtains can then be turned into stunning home décor accessories by customizing them in a variety of ways.

Tiny pompom’s are one way to give an otherwise drab curtain a sense of fun and frivolity. They are rather easy to stitch in along the leading or base edge, and since they can be purchased in a variety of sizes and colors, you can get creative making patterns trail along the edge of the fabric.

Lengths of ribbon, or braid, can also be stitched along the edge of the curtain to give it a more reserved, formal version of decorative interest. You can use different lengths or colors to create patterns here as well. If you’re feeling bold, try stitching the ribbon across the face of the curtain for an exciting striped effect.

There are a variety of tiny decorative elements that can be either stitched or glued across the surface of your curtains. Shells, buttons, stones, agate, crystals, wooden wheels, mirrors, beads, or silk flower heads can all be added to enhance the beauty of the material. Here’s where you can get creative, arranging items in patterns of swirls or geometric squares, or just alighting them randomly across the face of the piece.

Small mirrors are particularly effective on very light, sheer curtains that let in a lot of illumination. The mixture of the soft fabric filtered sun with the glistening reflections of the mirrors can create an attractive interplay.

Floaty voile curtains can be weighted down by attaching small decorative objects along the bottom edge. Small stones, crystals, or wooden decorative objects can be used to help weigh down those flighty curtains, while also creating a unique fringe.

Another interesting craft project is to sow tiny decorative pockets into your curtains. Take pieces of matched material and cut them into squares. Press the edges under, and then pin them in place. Then machine stitch the tiny squares to the curtain, sealing only the bottom and side edges, leaving the top open. Then you can place a variety of decorative pieces, ornaments, shells feathers, or dried flowers in them.

Windows are important because they connect a room with the rest of the world, bringing natural elements into our homes. The way you dress your curtains can affect the way these windows influence the space. Even drab, plain, boring curtains can be dressed up with a little creativity, adding small touches to the edge and fringe, or going bold and stitching decorative features across the face of the fabric.


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