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Budget Themes for Decorating Kids Rooms

May 12, 2010 · Print This Article

Creating a theme is a great way to add a whimsical sense of wonder and creativity to a child’s room. Unfortunately purchasing boxed sets of kid’s items from the store is often prohibitively expensive, with decorative pieces being charged at a premium just because they bear the image of some licensed cartoon character. Luckily, there is away around retail home décor storeprices. Using creativity, and a variety of crafting techniques, it is possible to design a room for your kids with just about any theme you can imagine, at a fraction of what it might otherwise cost.

One of the great things about crafting your own custom kid’s room décor is that this is a process you can share with your children. Not only can you get their input as to what they want, and what they are enthusiastic about, but you can also let them take an active roll, helping you to color, cut, draw, paint, and paste the various elements that will be placed throughout the area. This method of decorating can be more than a means to an end: it can actually be a chance for you to build lasting memories with your children.

Before you start gathering resources, you should come up with a theme. Discuss this with the child, batting ideas back and forth, and trying to get a real sense of who the truly are. Once you’ve settled on an idea, brainstorm ways that you can make the various component parts of the theme. Once you have a vision of how you want the room to look, you can start to contemplate ways to actualize that vision.

Many of the basic materials that you will need can already be found lying around the house. Cardboard is great, because it’s soft enough to cut and bend, but hard enough to stand up on its own. Old cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and even rolls of wrapping paper are all useful when crafting whimsical item for the rooms theme. Even items such as rolls from the center of a tape gun, or old milk, and or egg cartons, can be used to craft a variety of decorative elementsin the space.

Aside from this, brightly colored construction paper, a pair of safety scissors, markers, paints, pens, and all the other basic crafting and art supplies can be used. If necessary, Styrofoam balls can be bought in a vast array of shapes and sizes to make up the more intricate pieces.

A space theme is one design that’s relatively easy to simulate. Find pictures of planets, galaxies, stars, and other outer space entities and either print them out, or draw them onto large pieces of construction paper. Color them in with marker or crayons, and then carefully cut them out. You can then stick them to walls or to the ceiling using scotch tape. Rocket ships can be constructed from paper towel rolls, cut to size, and then covered in white paper, with tin foil used to simulate the look of metal.

These can be hung from the ceiling with pieces of kite string. Glow in the dark paint, and stars, is a great way to complete the effect.

If you’re interested in more of a fairy tale theme, then you can use cereal boxes and milk cartons, thoroughly cleaned, and then covered in gray paper to create an elaborate magical palace. Lofty towers can be crafted from paper towel rolls treated in a similar manner. Use the same method of printing, then coloring and cutting out images of strange and whimsical magical creatures to hang from the walls.

If you want to get really elaborate, an enchanted forest can be crafted using construction paper, rolled into tubes, and then affixed to cardboard bases. The tubes can then be outfitted with strips of green or brown paper to act as leafy branches reaching out across the space.

Creating a mysterious jungle is rather similar, with a variety of trees being scattered throughout the environment. Bushes and shrubbery can be simulated by cutting out images on construction paper, and then affixing them to the side of larger cardboard boxes.

Paper towel tubes also make great legs for fanciful jungle animals. Cut them into four pieces, and then affix them to part of a milk carton, or even just a small box. Use cotton balls or even rolled up socks for the heads, and decorate them with glue on beads, buttons, and rhinestones for facial features or patterned spots.

There are an infinite number of themes that you can create using inexpensive craft materials and recycled cardboard boxes from around the home. You just have to use a little creativity, and be willing to spend a little time on the project. If you enlist your child’s help, this can be even more rewarding and can lead to a series of memories that will last a lifetime.


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